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Lt.Shri G.P.Kamath

Lt.Shri G.P.Kamath

1924 is where this food saga began. Lt. Shri Gopal Kamath ran away from home as a young boy from Mangalore to Mumbai. To make ends meet he started working at a local restaurant. Blessed with talent and hard work, he progressed from a bus boy to a chef. Putting aside money with the dream to start his own restaurant, he bought one and named it Gopal Hindu Hotel ( Malad ) in the year 1936. Luck favoured and hard work paid off, he bought his second restaurant in 1940 , known today as Café Madras ( Matunga ). A self-made man with a heart of gold !

His younger son, Shri Suresh G.Kamath along with his brother, nurtured and brought up the two restaurants in an era where dining out was not an everyday affair. Dedicating 45 years of his life, Sureshji, many a times, single handedly managed both Hotel Gopal at Malad and Café Madras at Matunga. An industry veteran, his experience adds to our credibility and knowledge.

Enter third generation owner , Mr. Gopalkrishna Kamath, son of Shri Suresh G. Kamath. A food connoisseur, with 10 years of operational experience and loaded with recipes dating back to 8 decades, he, along with his life partner, Mrs. Ashwini Kamath and his business partner & friend, Mr.Ashish Golcha , are on the outset of carrying forward the tradition of being self-made, passionate and determined to expand the horizons of the food world.

Masalasam is the culmination of Gopalkrishna’s visionary approach towards food, Suresh ji’s food expertise, Ashwini’s detailed eye toward various aspects of management and Ashish’s extensive travel exposure !


Mr. Suresh Kamath

2nd generation owner of Cafe madras and Hotel Gopalkrishna. Experience of over 45 years in the food and restaurant business. Is an industry veteran and is well connected in the food and other ancillary industries. Is a well respected gentleman and known for his simple demeanour.

Suresh Kamath
Lt.Shri G.P.Kamath

Mr. Gopalkrishna Kamath

Born into a family with a legacy of food. A food connoisseur , he has operational experience of 10 years with 2 restaurants –Cafe Madras and Hotel Gopalkrishna ( 3rd generation owner ). He has trained with food experts and has a passion for experimenting and innovating. His work experience has groomed him to think on his feet and connect with people from all walks of life.

Mrs. Ashwini Narayangaonkar – Kamath

Management, commerce and Indian Classical music graduate by education; singer, music guru and music author by profession; food and music lover by passion. She is a music expert with a detailed eye on various aspects of management. Running her own academy, she adds strength to the marketing and organisation of Kinta Foods.

Ashwini Kamath
Lt.Shri G.P.Kamath

Mr. Ashish Golcha

Investment banker by profession and passionate foodie, Mr. Ashish also holds a masters degree in Hospitality Management. He is a promoter of specialized travel ventures : Culture Fox and Spoilt fox. An avid traveller he adds to the treasure box of our recipes.